Beaufort, SC

I spent this past weekend exploring the South Carolina lowcountry.  I've added some photos of the trip which included a visit to Fort Fremont.  Luckily we were the only people there, so we could traverse the eerily deserted bit of history for ourselves.  Downtown Beaufort, although I didn't take any pictures, is filled with great restaurants and quaint shops and galleries.  It's definitely worth a visit!  And below the pictures is a Music Monday!

Music Monday

I wanted to add a section to the site that's close to my heart.  I've always had a passion for music and would love to share my weekly finds.  What better day for a musical pick-me-up than Mondays?  I hope you enjoy and check back in weekly for new posts!

Holiday Work

My favorite time of the year when it comes to projects is the holiday season.  There's nothing more exciting than being commissioned to create a gift for someone.  Over the past month I was asked to do three paintings of a good friend's dog, Charlie (one for the owner's parents and two for his fiance) as well as a set of cornhole boards from a connection I made at an art fair.  The boards were a gift for a Duke grad, one board was of his martial arts hobby and one for his Tough Mudder's team logo.  As exciting as the holiday season is, it's always nice to feel like you've crossed off some things from your to-do list!

Savannah, GA

The "most haunted city in America" sure has a way of capturing you (especially the day after Halloween).  Savannah is filled with history, culture, art, and great food and is by far one of my favorite cities.